✡♥✝''ÿøυ & ṃε вαвÿ αɾε ṡτυсќ lïќε ģlυε.'' [ќÿṿï ṡτøɾÿ] сhαρτεɾ 2 - lυṉсh τïṃε ṡυɾρɾïṡε ✡♥✝

✡♥✝''ÿøυ & ṃε вαвÿ αɾε ṡτυсќ lïќε ģlυε.'' [ќÿṿï ṡτøɾÿ] сhαρτεɾ 2 - lυṉсh τïṃε ṡυɾρɾïṡε ✡♥✝
[Please Rate, Comment, Favorite, FB like. Thanks. :)] [[I'm really sorry but I stopped making ''Vivi's first day in detention'' I'm sure you don't care but I screwed it all up & I can't think of an ending to it. Anyways, here is chapter 2 of the Kyvi story, which might be a really long fanfic I'm making. Heres part 1: http://bln.gs/b/22licn]] After afew hours of learning new things, the Sub. dismissed the class for lunch. students got out of their seats & head towards the cafe. Cartman was in line as he was gonna get his lunch. ''Dude, that poem made you look so f*cking gay Kyle. Why don't you just go run around in the field of flowers with Vivi now?'' Many boys laughed. Kyle rolled his eyes embarrassed. ''I knew the poem was a bad idea..I just knew it!'' Kyle said in his head. Stan tapped Kyle's shoulder. ''Hey, dude, don't let them bring you down I mean - I'm sure Vivi loved what you did for her, really. All girls love a good love poem.'' Kyle raised one eyebrow. ''How do you know that? did u write one for Wendy?'' Stan nodded. ''Yeah but..right when I finished it it was so romantic I puked all over it. It was..too romantic for my stomach.'' Kyle hid his laugh for what Stan had just said. ''Oh, thx Stan.'' Chef gave the boys their food. Onec he saw Vivi he gave Vivi her special lunch for her diabetes. ''Here you go kiddo.'' Chef said smileing. Vivi smiled. ''Thanks Chef'' Cartman sticked his tongue at Vivi. ''By the way Vivi, you can't eat at our table anymore. You too Jew-boy. After that poem you two are officially gay.'' Vivi barked at Cartman. ''Excuse me!? how are we gay!? You should be banned from the table! your fattness replaces most of the room in the seats!'' Kids giggled & snorted. Cartman frowned. ''Stfu nurrd! most of the guys even agree we should kick you off the table; now listen to us, & we won't ban you from other stuff!'' Kyle got pissed. ''Cartman you asshole, they don't agree with you!'' Cartman grinned. ''Let's take a vote then.'' Cartman then said, ''If you want Vivi & Kyle to not eat at our table because lovebirds will just ruin our badassness raise your hand!'' Many people did, even Craig, one of Vivi's best friends did. Vivi gasped. ''Sorry Vivi..You're a good friend and all..but I agree w/ Eric..'' Craig said, with really no emotion at all. Vivi looked down on the floor. Kyle patted Vivi's back comforting her. The only person who raised their hands to let them stay was Kenny & Stan. Kenny just wanted to see Vivi & Kyle 'do it.' & Stan was only being nice. ''It's official.'' Cartman pushed Kyle & Vivi to a lone table, it had cobwebs & was very dusty. ''It's either that or the gossiping girl's table, I know both of you can't stand that.'' Kyle then said, ''Oh you asshole! You can't make us sit here forever!--Huh?'' Vivi smiled as she held Kyle's hand. ''Don't worry, I got a plan to make this a cool table to be at!'' Vivi then used her napkins & wetnaps from her backpack her mother made her always pack in her backpack & cleaned the table. Everything was clean after 12 wetnaps & 7 wet napkins later. Vivi got a small radio out of her backpack & played music on it. ''Everyone loves music'' Kyle was confused. ''Uh--what? What is music gonna do to make this the--'' Kids ran to the table Kyle & Vivi were at. All shouting how they love this singer & song. They also liked how clean the table was, not afraid to place their foods here & there. Cartman got pissed at how popular Vivi & Kyle's table was. Kyle smiled. ''I never knew music & non-shitty tables attract people over here!'' Vivi grinned. ''I'm not done yet!'' Vivi pulled out a small TV & placed it on the table. She turned it to something amuseing & more kids came over to their table. Cartman growled & was now all alone at his table. Kyle then asked, ''Why do u have all this stuff?'' Vivi answered. ''I get bored at school, alot, sometimes.'' She giggled. Kyle held Vivi's hand secretly under the lunch table & started to eat his lunch. Vivi blushed. ''I..I just wanted you to be happy to eat here, is all. I won't let that fatass get the best of us.'' Kyle nodded his head. ''Thanks..By the way Vi..you didn't think my poem was..''gay'' did you?..'' Kyle bit his lip embarrassed. Vivi grinned. ''I turned so gay when I heard it. It's fantastic! And by gay I mean gay as in happy XD.'' Kyle let out a small chuckle. He was happy Vivi liked it. He learned that you always want to make your loved one happy, even if that means alittle hard work is needed. Anything to make your love one smile. [[Author's comments: Well, It isn't that bad of a story, But I could use some work. The picture on the other hand doesn't look too bad, but it still looks kind of bad. I'm worried I might be looseing my recoloring / drawing skills alittle. The ending reminded me of when in MLP:FiM Twilight Sparkle writes what she learned today about friendship. Except this is about relationships & Kyle telling what he learned. :)]]
creado por: Soulangel11

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