Happy Birthday! Party Time! from Willy Bishop

Happy Birthday! Party Time! from Willy Bishop
Meow! My name is Willy Bishop. I am a Maine Coon mix and I am 9 years old. My brothers and sisters and I were dropped off in a basket at the doorstep of the Mosiac Feline Rescue in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We were so little and a-scared! The nice ladies at Mosiac took such good care of us. They gave us immaculate cages and food and water and we got to all come out of our cages for several hours a day and socialize! It was a wonderful orphanage. Then one day, when I was about two months old, this beautiful lady picked me up and brought me to her friend Debra and placed me in her arms. It was love at first sight! Debra adopted me without looking at any other orphans! That night, I was so grateful...she actually let me sleep in her bed! WOW I was so comfy and warm! I am so happy with my mommy as I know how much she loves me. I promise to post more pics as soon as I can! I love to be cuddled and kissed and hugged. I also love to chase my imaginary friends all over the house at very high speeds. My fave part of the day is sitting in mommy's lap as we watch funny cat videos on youtube. I have my very own pool table and I have become quite the sharpshooter. My mommy taught me how to play and I can beat her! It's soooo fun! I am an avid birdwatcher and have learned many birdcalls. My mommy usually cracks up when she hears me churkle at them. I love chipmunks and even brought one home as a pet and we played together for hours, until my sister Picchu (RIP) came home and killed him. Then to add insult to injury, she performed an autopsy on him. My mommy and I were mortified. I also brought home a snake, and mom was not too pleased. It was playing possum and mom put it in a bag. Later, the bag started to rustle. Mom was mortified, I was excited! Once I brought my mommy breakfast in bed. A live bat. Yeah, mortified was a common feeling for my mommy. I don't escape to the outdoors anymore. Gee I wonder why. I really don't like when mommy visits her friend in NYC. I cry all night for her. I've tried sneaking in her suitcase, but she always finds me. She promised I could go with her next time. I have a strange peculiarity. I used to cry and cry and beg and beg. Poor mommy didn't know what was wrong with me so she brought me to the doctors. The Doc said I am what is called a "Social Eater". Mommy was so relieved! Now she sits with me when I eat and I am sooooo happy! Hey! I have my very own website: www.bellafelino.com where I sell my cat specialty products. You should check it out! It's fun. Bye for Now, Willy
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