♥ Katy's #1 fan!!♥

♥ Katy's #1 fan!!♥
♥ I LOVE KATY!! SHE'S FREAKIN AWESOME!!♥ <3 <3 ♥ Reasons:♥ ♥1.♥ I think she is sooo sexi♥ ♥2.♥ I <3 her music!!♥ ♥3.♥ I'm going to 1 of her concerts soon!!♥ ♥4.♥ She's sooooo pretty!♥ ♥5.♥ Our hair is both dark brown!♥ ♥6.♥ I don't listen to 1 of her songs, like it, and claim to be her #1 fan.♥ ♥7.♥ Instead, I like alot more of her songs!♥ ♥8.♥ I don't care if ppl say that her music videos are inopropiate.♥ ♥9.♥ Cuz that's there opinion!♥ ♥10.♥ Not mine or Katy's.♥ ♥11.♥ I know 1 of her songs by heart!♥ ♥12.♥ Really, the lycris are at my profile!♥ ♥13.♥ I <3 making blinges of her!♥ ♥14.♥ I have alot of stamps 4 her!♥ ♥15.♥ THERE ARE NOW 15 RESONS WHY I'M KATY'S #1 FAN!!♥ ♥16.♥ I woz teh first Katy Perry fan 2 join Blingee!♥ ♥17.♥ And Facebook!♥ ♥18.♥ And Youtube.♥ ♥19.♥ And denvantART.♥ ♥20.♥ I'll make alot of stamps of her.♥ ♥21.♥ I'M TEH ONLY #1 FAN OF KATY PERRY!!♥ ♥22.♥ 'N U CANNOT CHANGE THAT!!♥ ♥23.♥ I want to be a singer in mah future.♥ ♥24.♥I don't care if she curses.♥ ♥25.♥ Nethier with her videos inopropiate!♥ ♥26.♥ Because I respect her.♥ ♥27.♥ All mah friends told meh I chould beh on American Idol.♥ ♥28.♥ Cuz I'm a great singer!♥ ♥29.♥ Ecpecially 4 firework!♥ ♥30.♥ Even MAH MOM told meh I should be on American Idol!♥ ♥31.♥ THERE ARE NOW 31 REASONS WHY I'M KATY PERRY'S #1 FAN!!♥ ♥32.♥ I'm prob. teh BEST singer in mah school!♥ ♥33.♥ 'N I think Katy's teh best singer in teh UNIVERSE!!♥ ♥34.♥ I'll prob. buy more Katy stuff in teh future!♥ ♥35.♥ I'm a gold freak!♥ ♥36.♥ 'N gold is a rockstar color!♥ ♥37.♥ And Katy is a rockstar!♥ ♥38.♥ I really wanna meet her in real life!♥ ♥39.♥ 'N if I did I would get my notebook out!♥ ♥40.♥ Cuz I wanted her autograph!♥ ♥41.♥ I might put dis blingee in teh Spotlight!♥ ♥42.♥ Cuz this deserves it!!♥ ♥43.♥ I can't stop singing Firework!♥ ♥44.♥ But I'm not blamin her.♥ ♥45.♥ I'M BLAMIN MAH MIND INSTEAD!!♥ ♥46.♥ So Firework is mah fav. song in teh WORLD!!♥ ♥47.♥ ALOT of people call meh sexii♥ ♥48.♥ Mah mom said I was more like her den eny1 else!♥ ♥49.♥ I enjoiy makin blingess of her♥ ♥50.♥ DERE R NOW 50 REASONS Y I'M KATY'S #! BIGGEST FAN!!!♥ ♥51.♥ I reallly hope she's on blingee!!♥ ♥52.♥ Mah mind really hurts from typin all these!!♥ ♥53.♥ Cuz did is ALOT of reasons!!♥ ♥54.♥Silver is mah 2nd fav colour!♥ ♥54.♥ Silver is a rockstar colur 2!!♥ ♥55.♥ lol dis number looks cool♥ ♥56.♥ Evreyday I hum 2 firework!♥ ♥57.♥'N California gurls♥ ♥58.♥ I woz prob teh 1st person 2 join of all u people♥ ★NOTE: I have moar reasons at meh profile★
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Firework (animated video) ---> Katy Perry

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