Kadaj & Yuffie - Sometimes the end is just the beginning..[for ChibiJenova]

Kadaj & Yuffie - Sometimes the end is just the beginning..[for ChibiJenova]
*evil smile* I bet you didn't see that one coming, Jade. This is really a historical moment, when I make blingee of Kadaj and it's not with Yuna [for people who don't know - Kadaj and Yuna is my favourite cross-over pairing]. I know Kadaj and Yuffie is your favourite space/cross-over pairing, so I thought "Why not?" I hope you'll like this little K&Y tribute. _________________________________________________________ This blingee is special. Firstly, as far as I remember it's my first KadajxYuffie blingee. Secondly, it's a really big thank you for: friendship, making blingees for me, comments, rates, making username stamp for me and most of all for the kindness that I see in every comment. Also, and maybe this should be mentioned at the very beginnng - thanks for supporting me when people copied and still copy my bingees. You are the person that understand perfectly how much it hurt when other stole your work, because your blingees were copied too. _________________________________________________________ Oh, and while I'm already at thank you(s)- thank you Julie (JuLiEJuLiSsA3)for uploading so many breath taking stamps of Kadaj (as well as other FF and of course KH stamps). And thanks to ang3lx for this Yuffie stamp, I always liked it. _________________________________________________________ If you're still reading it, I just wanted to add that I was listening to songs by RED while making this blingee. It's awesome band with amazing and inspiring songs.
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lalola1996 dice:

hace 3450 días

demonpryncess02 dice:

hace 3454 días
lmao no one couldve expected this Alice !! After all this pairing is hardly seen around the web ! Im certain Jade is thankful and pleased with your blingee my friend :3 

xx-la-vache-xx dice:

hace 3454 días
I don't love this couple but this blingee yes !

ChibiJenova dice:

hace 3457 días
WHOA! OMG! You're right, I didn't see that one coming! =D
I really do like this pairing and this blingee is very awesome, beautiful, creative and breath-taking! I love it! =D
Thank you so much my dear friend! *gives you a big hug and Kadaj and Yuna plushies*

Awwwww, you're very welcome Alice, you're such sweet and kind person and I'm so happy that you're my friend.
Yes, I understand exactly how it feels when someone copies my blingees, it's so hurtful and I feel like I've been robbed...

ChibiJenova dice:

hace 3457 días
... and I know it's been really hard for you too Alice when people have copied your blingees.

Those Kadaj and Yuffie stamps are so awesome! And I can see that they're both holding a materia each. lol XD

RED's an awesome band, but I've only heard a couple of songs of their's, I'll have to listen to more of their songs.
Lately I've been listening to Final Fantasy music, actually I listen to FF music most of the time... ^^

TekkenxXx dice:

hace 3458 días
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! lol...i certainly didn't see that coming xD 
but the blingee's breath taking, beautiful creativity is distracting me from commenting...5* :D

P.S i looove that stamp of Kadaj too! ^^

angela3747 dice:

hace 3458 días
Wonderful work! 5* :)

animecrazy2007 dice:

hace 3459 días
I absolutely love this! I love that you put the beat things on the piano keys, it makes them look like they're moving :D

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