enjoy! "selena,we need to talk." it was nick. selena was shoacked that nick was here. she didnt want him near her. "nick please , get out"selena said. she was about to close the door on him , when nick stooped it. "no, please i need to tell u something." nick said. he pullled out a rose. "here , it is juat a way of saying i am sorry and will you be my..." "nick! i told you already ,like a hundred times ,we will always just be friends , if you stop with this carzy stuff." selena intrerupted. " i know i messed up. but i can change , if you just..." "nick please." selan said desparte fro him to leave."selena , if this is about that ...logan guy , i promise i wont-" "no , just leave , please.i'll see you around and dont worry i forgive you." selena took the rose. "but-" "goodbye nick." selena closed the door. she took a breath. selena's day was ruiend by nick's visit. selena went up stairs to her bedroom,and tried to go to sleep.nick was outside looking at the door. he sighed."he had stold selena from me." nick said to him self mad. he was angry at logan. he wanted to get back at him. nick thought logan stold her from him, but really nick pushed himeself away. nick left selena's house angry. selena was upatirs on her bed turning and turning. when she was about to fall asleep her phone rang. she got up and looked at the number. she had a smile , just who she needed to talk to . it was demi. "selena!" demi said. "demi! i missed you so much why didnt you call? when are you coming home? how have you-" "selena! why so much questions?" demi said. she knew there was something wrong with selena. "i was just you know missing you." selena said "yea i know but whenever you have trouble of any you always ask so much whats wrong?" "alright, i was actuallly waiting for your call i needed you. but first you need to answer my questions." selena said. "ok , well i didnt call becouse my phone got all wet and i berily got a new one. i am coming home in a week. and i -" "wait in a week?" selena said. "yea why?" "well i am leaving in a week to shoot a wizards of waverly place the movie 2" selena siad alittle sad becouse she wouldnt be here to pick up demi from the airport. "ohh i cant wait to see how you do! i know you'll do great! when are you coming back?" demi asked. "ohh i will only stay there like for a week or so." selena said. "ok good!" demi said with joy. "what , why is that good?" selena said confused. "becouse i was coming home earliy to see you. i can still stay for the rest of my vacation. i will be back when you come back! well you will be back sooner. like a day or two." demi said catching her breath. "perfect!"selena siad."ok well see you. i'll call you tomorow." selena said. "wait!" demi said. "what?" selena said. hoping she wouldn't remeber about her problem but at the same time she did need to talk about it. "you didnt thinjk i forgot about your problem ,did you?" demi said. "ahh! darn. ok well i knew you wouldn't." "ok so what is wrong?" demi asked. "well um nick he wants to be toghether again and he tried to make me be with him by force bu -" "what! when i get back i am going to get him!" demi said. "it's ok." selena said. remebering that day, when logan saved her from nicks arms. logan was so brave. selena ll of the sudden had butterflies. she remebered her day with logan at the beach today. "hello! selena! are you there?" demi said. "ohh huh? sorry i was um , what were you saying?" selena said. "i was saying if you were ok?" demi said worried. "ohh yea i was fine," selena said. "thatnks to logan." selena said dreamy. "ohh good! who's logan?"demi asked. "is he your-" "no , he is just my friend. he has been with me since mt mom left, but we are just friends." selena said. "oh ok." ddemi said, but really demi knew that selena had more to freinds with him. just by how she talked about him. "so what else is wrong you need some boy edvise?"demi asked. "um well not really .unless you know how to get a bot away from you." selena said sarcastic. " why?" "it is nick he keeps on insisting to be toghether , like i told you before. he came to my house 2 times already. i want him away , but at the same time i want to help him to get someone else. to help him to stop looking for me." selena said. "ahh i see. i am sorry i cant anything about that. so how over there?" demi asked. "it's ok. logan is teaching me how to surf." selena said. "wow! really have you learned anything yet?" "well no , we berily started today , and well lets just say we lost the voards. we had like a play time in the beach. we will go again tomorrow" selena said. "cool! well hope you learn somehting and have fun. i have to go know." demi said. "ok wel i missed you see you in two weeks!" selena said."ok well byeselena." "bye demi have a nice trip." "thanks bye sleep tight!" demi said. selena hangged up. she felt better. she had missed her best friend. thinking of everything she had told demi selena fell asleep.
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yuna411 dice:

hace 3276 days
did u make this up or is it from a utube story????

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