lolena part 2

lolena part 2
enjoy! logan got to his house. hi mother got home around 5 from work. when his mom got home he ate. the day went pass to fast. all he thought about was selena's beautifull face! the day went by and it was already night time. then when he was just about to go to bed he relized he didn't say what time to meet selena tommorw. then he called her. "hello?" selena said sleepy. "hi,: logan said. "logan?" selena asked. "yea sorry to wake ypu up , if you went to sleep yet." logan replyed. "um no i was just about to but um what brings your call." selena said sill sounding tired. "i forgot to ask you what time you want to meet tomorow , ir you can." logan said. "ohh yea i guess we both forgot." selena said waking up alittle. they both gigled alittle. "logan! are still awake!" it was logans mom. she was down stairs."hold on mom!" logan yelled back. just enough so his mom could hear him down stairs. "um sorry about that." logan said. "so how about 1?" selena asked. "sounds good!" logan said. "ok well see you tommorow." selrna said more awawke. "see you tomorow!' logan said. " bye , logan!" "bye selena!" they both hanged up. logan sighed with happieness and went to bed. it was the next day and logan just woke up. logan was excited to meet selena again today at 1. he did his and went to the kichen , still in his pj's. his mom was making blue barry pancakes. the only reason he could tell was because it smelled delicious. not that her other food didn't. then logans mom turned around. "good morning sleephead." "hi mom." logan said with a grin "i made blue barry want some, i know they are your favorite." "yes! ofcorse." logan's mom served him.only one though, that was all that was left. logan ate a piece and told his mom they were dilecious. "where's every body els?" logan said still tasting the pancakes. "they all went to a coko out." "what,where?" "at your ant house." "ohh, what time is it?" logan asked comfused "it's 12:30." "what!" logan said shocked. he rushed through his breakfeast."whats wrong?" his mother asked. "it's late, i'm goign to be late!" logan finished and gave the plate to his mom. "thanks it was good!" logan said. 'dont you want some eggs, you only ate alittle." "i'm fine i am fool anyway." logan said. but the truth was he wanted to eat with selena.he left and went straight to take a shower. (with selena) selena was ready. she wore her favorite shirt with jeans. she fixed her hair. she was never so excited to go with a freind to eat lunch before.then she saw the time it was 12:45. she picked up one of her books and went down stairs. she sat on the couch and opened her book. she started to read. she read a couple of pages. then she heard a beep. she looked outside the window and nobady was there. then she relized it was her clock saying it was 1 o'clock. she sat down again. then her phone rang. "hello?" selena said. "hey selena!it's me nick" "ohh," selena said a little dissapointed. she thought it was goign to be logan. "hi,nick." "whats wrong?" nick said. "ohh sorry what did you say?" selena asked. she was wondering where logan was. " whats wrong? you sound down." "it's no-" "it doesn't matter, i got something that will cheer you up!" nick interupted her, as usal. "come to the back of your house!" "um...ok." slena got up and looked at the front door one more time. she went to the back side of ther house. she opened the door and saw nick with a rosses in his hand. "for you!" nick handed the roses to her. "um thanks, nick." "no problem!" then nick ugged her and grabbed her hand. "we are just freinds!" slena said while pulling away. then nick told her to go to the front of the house. she went whith him. in the front of the house was a dog. "aww how cute! where you'd get him?" "the shelter." nick said "cute!" "he's your now." nicck said. "really thanks. she hugged him. then logan came in his car and stopped. his big smile faded away. then he pyulled on revers. selena saw him at the corner of her eye. she pulled away. "logan!" she yelled and ran towrds him in his car. loghan stopped. he lowerd the window. "hey , um it's ok your ... i was just leaving." logan said sad. " no!he is not my boy friend!" selena said. then logan's smile retured. he got off and selena walked him to her house. she didnt even relize they were holding hands. nick was pettin gthe dog. he turned around and saw them.
creado por: celli101

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Devil1010 dice:

hace 3544 días
nick got rejected xD

love the blingee :D

TamminSursokfan dice:

hace 3544 días
awesome....and love the blingee :)

cyrus4ever dice:

hace 3544 días
i love him!!

Melina45d dice:

hace 3545 días
bravo me gusta mucho. lol luv it.

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