[[♥The Deathbat Chronicles-Ep.4♥]]

[[♥The Deathbat Chronicles-Ep.4♥]]
♥♥♥♥♥FEATURING CASSIE [[xxRockfanxx]]♥♥♥♥♥ ME: YES YES!!! AWWW!! I JUST fOUND A PICTURE WITH SHADOWS IN A TOWEL!!! OMFG HE LOOKS AMAZING!! -faints- CASSIE: *sneaks picture away* Lalain, wake up. ME:: *wakes up* Where's the picture. CASSIE: In a safe place ME: Okay CASSIE: *walks away then looks at it* OMG, he is so freaking sexy! *faints* ME: -walks back to you and laughs- Silly little girl! -takes picture and looks- OH MY GOOD FREAKING -faits beside you- CASSIE: *m shadows walks by* What da heck? *sees us out cold and then looks at picture* Dang it! How in the world did they get this picture!?! *takes picture and walks away* US: *wakes up and sees that shadows has the picture* GET SHADOWS!!!! ME: CHARGE!!! -we run after him and tackle him- SHADOWS: what do you guys want with me? US: We just want the picture back...and maybe your pants off! SHADOWS: -stops running and looks back- WHAT?!? US: -we tackle him and take the picture- SHADOWS: AHHHHHHHHH!!! ME: Give us the picture! SHADOWS: No, this is dangerous! ME: Give it to us! SHADOWS: *Pushes us off* Get away from me! I'm doing this for your own good! *runs away* US: You can't run away forever! *chases after him* Shadows: what do you guys want with me? US: We just want the picture back...and maybe your pants off! Shadows: -stops running and looks back- WHAT?!? US: -we tackle him and take the picture- US: Yes we got it! Shadows: *tries to grab the picture* I don't know what wrong with you guys, but give me the picture before it kills you! CASSIE: It will not kill us. *looks at picture and faints* SHADOWS: See? ME: She does this all the time, she's fine. *looks at picture and faints* Shadows: Wow you two are so smart....*takes picture and runs* US: -we wake up and people are around just staring at us- RANDOM PERSON: Are you two okay? CASSIE: NO!! Have you guys seen this man? -shows a picture of Shadows- Crowd: No... CASSIE: Dang it. These people don't know a good lookin' man when they see one. RANDOM PERSON: What? ME: Shut up... *Shadows walks over in a disguise* I saw that man, he went that way. US: Okay. *walks away* SHADOWS: *Sighs* Glad I got rid of them. US: There he is! *pounces on him* SHADOWS: WTF?! How did you girls recognize me??! CASSIE: We know a sexy man when we see them ME: And we arnt that retarded like you though... -reaches in his pants- SHADOWS: WHOOO!! What are you doing in my pants?!??! ME: -pulls picture out- You thought you could hide these in your tighty wideys..yeah right US: -busts out laughin- SHADoWS: I think you may have hit your heads a little too hard when you fainted. CASSIE: Maybe...*starts laughing* ME: Well, we got the picture. Let's go. US: *disappears magically* SHADOWS: What? WTF? Now they're freaking Harry Potter? Screw it, I'm done with them... ME: -appears infront of him again- Really? are you sure about that? -shows him a more embarrasing picture- SHADOWS: WHAT?! NO!! -trys to grab me but I disappear- SHADOWS: -talking to himself- I gotta find them!! CASSIE: *in a distant voice* Teehee! SHADOWS: Da heck? ME: *distant voice* Shadows!!! SHADOWS: WERE THE HECK ARE YOU!?!? CASSIE: *distant* Check behind you! SHADOWS: Wha? *turns around and sees me* CASSIE: Hi! SHADOWS: *tries to grab me but I disappear* DANG IT! SHADOWS: I'm scared!! US: -no where to be found, we laugh- SHADOWS: -turning around- WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!! -runs out- US: -appear and laughing- SHADOWS: Listen, before you give me a heart attack, can we talk? US: Sure. SHADOWS: Okay, just give me the picture and I'll do whatever you guys want. US: *looks at each other* Ok. *hands him the picture* SHADOWS: Thanks. Ok what do you two want? US: That picture. *takes picture and disappears* SHADOWS: OH COME ON!!!!! US: -appears again- ME: you didnt say we have to give you the picture permanetly [[misspelt]] SHADOWS: that really isnt fair CASSIE: Isnt it? You never layed down the rules... US: -disappears again- SHADOWS: WAIT!!! US: *re-appears* What? SHADOWS: Please give me the picture! *Breaks down* CASSIE: Da Heck?!?! It's just a picture. SHADOWS: Fine! You figure me out! That picture I was giving Val as a suprise gift for a joke. But now she'll never see that joke...*crys* ME: *hands him the picture* We didn't know you cared so much... US:*disappears* SHADOWS: *stops crying* Suckers! ME: Not really!! -steals the picture again and runs- SHADOWS: HOW IN THE HELL DO THEY KNOW!?! CASSIE: -in distance- because we are freaking amazing thats how!!! Shadows: Okay, how in the world do you keep disappearing and re-appearing? CASSIE: *appears* Simple. SHADOWS: Really? How? ME: *appears* Were that awesome. SHADOWS: Oh come on! US: *disappears* SHADOWS: I'm awesome too! ME: -gets face to face with him and whispers- Sure you are CASSIE: -slaps me in the arm- he is awesome... ME: Yeah! but not awesome like us!! CASSIE: -pause- So true SHADOWS: -just watching- SHADOWS: *while we are talking, tries to grab picture* ME: *grabs his hand* Not so fast. SHADOWS: What? ME: What are you doing? SHADOWS: Nothing. CASSIE: You were trying to grab the picture! SHADOWS: No I wasn't! CASSIE: Yes you were! *disappears* SHADOWS: No I wasn't! ME: Yes you were! *disappears* SHADOWS: DAMMIT!! US: -laughs- SHADOWS: It is really silent now...-looks aroung- They left?!?! -Nothing- HELLO?!?! ARE YOU TWO HERE!?!?! -nothing- HELLO!!!!!!!! -Nothing- I'm all alone! CASSIE: -snicker- ME: -shoves you- SHADOWS: Hello? Turns our way. ME: DAMN YOU CASSIE! He really thought we left him!! CASSIE: -still laughing- I'm sorry! SHADOWS: There you are! CASSIE: Man, you look so cute when you are stupid! ME: You're right! But when isn't he cute? CASSIE: Well I can tell you when he is super cute. *shows you the picture* US: *starts laughing* SHADOWS: Give me the picture! US: *disappears* SHADOWS: DANG IT!!!! SHADOWS: -looks around- CASSIE? WHERE ARE YOU!!!! I KNOW YOU AND YOUR FRIEND IS HERE!! ME: -still invisable, goes up behind him and pulls his pants to the ground- CASSIE: -whistles and we bust out laughing- ME: YEAH!! WHOO!! SHAKE IT!! CASSIE: LALAIN!!! SHADOWS: Yeah! LALAIN!! -covers himself up-♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? RATE AND COMMENT
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conversegirl123 dice:

hace 3847 días

amg97 dice:

hace 3875 días
haha :P

AFImonkey12 dice:

hace 3903 días
woooah lololol xD
nice 5*** ^-^

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Awesomeys, lols, that`s really funy

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hace 3903 días
ROFLMFAO!!! i swear to god that would
be so awesome if that was real XD

xxRockfanxx dice:

hace 3903 días
Haha nice! That was a convo. M Shadows will never get the picture!!! XD
5/5 & in my favs!

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