But still, I love u (Please read)

But still, I love u (Please read)
I was supposed to marry my father's best friend's son, and still I ended running away with u... Giving myself completely, without giving an single matter to what may happen when I did such thing... Oh! How I remember!!! How much u promised to love me, and stay forever by my side, so incredible to know that somehow all those promises were just little words, to have everything you were looking for... I ended up marrying u in secret, right after running away from my home, letting go a man who honestly loved me, but sadly I wouldn't put any attention to, a father and a mother who only wanted the best for me, but no, I had to be so stubborn and ignor all that because of falling in love with u... We've been married, for what? Ten years, and we've had to survive living in misery, without any place to live but an abandoned house hidden by the forest... And still there are times that I would just wa;k outside and think to myself, how easier it would've been if only I would've married that young man, I've even been thinking of giving a much better future for my children, but still, I shall still, be stuck with u... How I wish I wouldn't had make any mistakes when I runned away with u, I would've end up in a much better place right now and would not have wash ur clothes or even had to fight with u whenever ur late home, how much I would give to change all that for something better... but the truth is that my destiny is being here with u, love u for the rest of my life, even on the hard times, and sometimes I say to myself, that I wouldn't had marry u, I would've never had such an beautiful and extraordinary children I have right now and of course If I didn't had u, my life wouldn't be as wonderful as it is right now... Because now I realize, that when I said those votes on our wedding day, I really meanted it, that I married u because u shall always be the love of my life... And I admit it, sometimes I wish none of this would've never happen to me, but even were poor, and we have a lot of problems and have to worry not only about us, I shall always still love u...
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mandanga dice:

hace 3261 días
me parece que estas escribiendo la  historia de mi vida,triste pero maravillosa,bonitas palabras amiga

Mina918 dice:

hace 3394 días
wow!!! I'm breathless *__*

mejserr dice:

hace 3404 días
Jejejejejeje... que hermosa historia, me llego al corazon, tienes toda la razon, aveces una se pregunta si tomo la descicion correcta, si podria estar mejor , si hubiera hecho esto en vez de aquello, pero la realidad es que en la vida nada es seguro y que tenemos que vivir con las consecuencias de aquello que hacemos.

sweetterror dice:

hace 3404 días
wow amazing! sometimes we have our doubts in any type of relationship, but then we think about all the good things and see that the chose we made may just be right after all. 5* :)

sylviebing dice:

hace 3405 días
Sooooo breath taking ! xxx

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