Let me tell you all a story...

Let me tell you all a story...
about a young lady who fell in love with a wolf... and could never go home again. She lived in the forest, clad in wreathes of leaves and garlands of the brightest flowers. The wolf slowly charmed her into forgetting her home and family; slowly she turned into his she-wolf. She lived happily in oblivion for sometime, until one day, while hunting for food, she became very thirsty. She went to a nearby stream to drink. Lapping the cool, fresh water, she suddenly heard a rustle from the other side of the bank... cautiously, she lifted her head. She couldn't believe what her eyes saw: there, on the other side of the bank, a small infant played among the leaves. He looked lost and - hungry. But the she-wolf was hungry as well. She trusted her 'insticts' and pounced. As she was charging straight toward the child, he lifted his head and looked straight at the wolf. The wolf saw the human feelings in those eyes and - stopped. she stood next to the baby, and instead of eating it, she nuzzled and sniffed it gently. She wondered what it could possibly be doing in the middle forest... she took it home with hopes of taking care of it and maybe carrying it to some humans in the nearby village. Wait - village? The wolf, carrying the baby in her mouth, suddenly stopped. Memories flooded back. The wolf realized who she really used to be. Alarmed, she ran straight to her husband. The husband heard her from afar... and saw the child. Upon seeing them, he realized his mate would no longer love him for what he had done to her... having no human soul, he pounced and ate the both of them. So darlings, never fall for animals or those who have powers... this love always ends in tragedy.
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