Patrick Mansion.Episode 10.Our big night.

Patrick Mansion.Episode 10.Our big night.
As soon as patrick got off the plane he was so jet lag the only thing he wanted to do was got to sleep so he went to find the nearest hotel. 'whoah!where do u think youre going mr.?',Andy said grabbing patrick's shoulder,'i have a MUCH better place for you tonight!' Soon enough patrick woke up with a jolt as a spotlight shone bright on his face. 'where are we?',patrick mumbled. 'Patricks mansion,england!',Andy exclaimed arms wide open in front of the white,yellow and blue building. It made patrick think of custard and bluberries ooohhhh and cream. It made Pete think of Patricks favourite colours.Patrick dragged his magazine and travel bag as a pretty maid named Chrissy helped him with the rest of his luggage and guided him to his room. 'Thanks chrissy',Patrick said woozily and he usmped on his bed and fell asleep as fast as a wink. COCKADOODLE-DOOO! Patrick woke with a start and fell out of his king sized ved. 'WO WO!',he screamed grabbing onto the nearest thing a lampshade which a cockrel seemd to have taken place to which was screamming cock a doddoel doo down his ear. 'AHHH!',Patrick screamed as a giant magpie flew in throfuh his open left window and seeemd to show a cheeky smile at patrick before jumping on to his head. 'woah get off me man!i dont have any gold in my hair!',Patrick shouted shooin them away and out of thw indow again. Then agaian the magpie was quite cute he thougth to himself. 'What the hell is going on in here man!' ANdy cried rushing throught the door foaming out the mouth with his toothpaste and brush in hand. 'Oh god patrick,'he sighed laughing at his state',get up dude we gotta get to Alice's concert soon i thibk you over slept,oh and welcome to england and its beautiful countryside',he laughed at the state of patrick and the fresh egg tht had been smashed from the chicken in the night visit over his head. As patrick tried to scrabble to his feet a gay man maid walted in carrying patricks breakfast tray but soon released in shock everything smashing into pieces as he saw patrick stark naked with an egg runing down his face from the chicken that paid him a visit in the night. 'who ho ho!',He squeeled like a teenage daisy girl,'Now THAT is NOT the type of sausage i expected to see at my breakfast time!',hesqueeld once again blushing a bright red with laughter and slamming the door on patricks room.Patrick just dived into the shower asap and tried to get the sticky egg out of his hair and the bright red flush of embarasment off his face. It was 1pm as Patrick and Andy set off to the concert.Before Patrick had time to breath he was in his best blck skinnys,nicce pinsrtipe suit shirt and a mitlitatry style blck jacket on stage warming up the crowd.All of a sudden anf before he knew what was coming he haerd a GIANT thunder bolt sound effect as Alice his biggest longtime celebrity crush rised from the stage in a short siver sequin dress reflceting off all the spotlight and red straight silky hair and skyscraper black heels as she held a long note striking a pose that patrick could only see as a godess and the crowd saw as a diva whilst the crowd screamed piercinlgy ALice smiled wideley. Soon she was dancing around the stage with her choreographed moves to her song Race. Next a guitar was thrown at her onto the stage and she cuaght it and started playing through intro to Sugar were going down,there first duet.Alice smiled at Patrick many times as what he didint no that he was her longtime cellebrity crush and idol too.BUt she pushed thoughts of having a chance with him to the back of her mind as she thought he wouldnt want her,a foolsish ugly clumsy 21 yr old for him. But before they both knew they were holding the last note for their last duet song Halellujah by Paramore. Alice was sitting chatting with her famous friend,author,film writer and actress in coronation street,22 year old Eleanor James married to famous Actor Bradley Jmes for now only a 1 yr so far.They were congratulating eachother when they heard a knock at the door. ALice quickly ran to the door and opened it to find Patrick standing in the door with holding a bunch of every rose colour and every lilly colour,her favourite flowers.ALice quickly closed the door behind her and asked what he was doing here. 'i-i was just coming to say well done in the show today Alice,I thought you were amazing and i always have if youu don't mind me saying so'. Alice blushed secretly in the dark lighting as she took the flowers off him. 'Well-i don't no wt to say!,'She started',Thank you so mcuh and I have always been a great fan of yours if I may say so too',she laughed. Patrick laughed back and she kissed him softly on his cheeck. A smile couldnt help but creep across eachothers cheeck. Patrick gently kissed her back on the lisp and she didnt pull away as they kissed passionaltley.All of sudden she heard a rumagign at the door adn nell stepped put,alice quickly ran inside as patrick stood confude but overwhelmed and happy as he wandered back to his ddressing room.
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breakingdawn101 dice:

hace 4112 días
awww. that was so sweet. i loved the bit with nell.

cullengirl4 dice:

hace 4115 días
omg this episode was amazing! i luved the bit about the magpies and gold!!! man i laft so hard!!! but wot rly made me laf more then anything was the gay maid and about the sasuge!!!! hahaha!!!! oh and i luved the bit bout me hee!1

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