Patrick Mansion.Episode 8.Paint the town pink.

Patrick Mansion.Episode 8.Paint the town pink.
Patricks phone bleeped. 'Erm,ok i better go now,'Patrick murmered. 'oh ok',pete replied. 'Ill...erm talk t u l8er thn right'? Yeh sure,cya trick.' Patrick took a deep breath and walked away. Patricks phone bleeped again and this time he asnwered. 'Hello'? 'Patrick!Its andy,where the hell are you?,you were meant to be back from alice's an hour ago!trick i dont wanna know what took you so long!',andy laughed. 'Ha,ok man,i was just practcesing our new song,im on my way back now.' 'K we need to get in some practice tommorow for that show,so early night yeh'? 'Sure man ill cya soon'. Patrick soon noticed it turned cold and he pulled his jacket tight as he took large strides down the street to get back quicker. He decided to catch a taxi. '140 Patrick mansion please'. 'oh my god are you patrick the famous perfomer?',the taxi man asked,'Youre shows are phenominal'! 'Ha thanks,i realy apreciate it',patrick chuckled,not realy concentrating as his mind was swirl with thoughts of pete,alice and work. Patrick soon arived and ran to his bedroom to call pete. 'Hey mister dont be too long'!,andy called up the stairs. 'hey pete its patrick,fancy going out tonight'? 'Oh dude thtd be sweet sure,so want me to pick you up'? 'No,no man its fine ill just bring the limo and pick you up now,say we can check out that new casino they built down town next to in n out burger?' 'Oh man sure,k cnt wait to see u!,bye'. Patrick stared in the mirror insecurley. 'Why would anyone want me',he thought in his mind as he touched his bare body,digusted in what he saw.He walked over to his closet and pulled out his favourite t-shirt pete bought him one birthday ago.And he opened his walk in wadrobe just full of many hats.'Wow,patrick thought,which one now'?? He took out a sexy black slick hat. Right,now i look decent patrick he thought and smiled at his reflection as he pulled on some black skinnys. Patrick pulled up outside petes house and threw a stone at the window just like in the dance dance music vid. 'K man lets go',pete said walkng out the front door dressed in his fave hoodie patrick also bought him one bithday ago. The drive there was awkward and they hardly spoke though soon they pulled up infont of the ridiculously bright lights of the casino. 'lets go and gamble'!,pete cheered. The night flew by as pete n patrick lost most of the many they drew out as they lauhed at how bad they were. 'You all out of money trick'? 'yeh',patrick sed as he fumbled in his pockets. 'Wanna go back mine',patrick asked raising his eyebrow. Soon they were speeding down the road and as soon as they got back they ran out into the garden and jumped staright into the pool. Patrick swam over to the side where champighne was sitting.Pete soon followed and grabbed a glass himself too. 'So pete did you enjoy tonight?' 'Patrick,it was amazing' Unlike our gambling skills'! they laughed. 'But it could be better,'whispered pete as he put down his chapaghne down and pulled in patricks chin to kiss him softly. Yet ptrick didnt pull away,and kissed him back,yet this time passionatley as pete wrapped his arms round patricks body. Suddenley pete pulled away holding his finger to his lips. 'what'?,patrick whispered. A shodowy figure appeared at the frecnh doors and as the outdoor lights came on,a sleepy andy stepped out wrapped in his dressing gown. 'huh,patrick?,what are you doin up,wait pete,what are you doing here'? 'oh,pete just came over to give me back my...flower pot',!patrick sed grabing the nearest object. 'Well take it and go back to sleep',andy sniffed trodging back up to bed his slippers slapping the cold stone floor. Pete and patrick emediatley burts into a fit of giggles and burst open another bottle of champagne.
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cullengirl4 dice:

hace 3744 días
this part made me lol!
i dont wanna know what took you so long!',andy laughed. 

OMG i soooooooo can't wait 4 the nx 1! i cant believe they kissed! omg! also i loled at the flower pot! lol!

breakingdawn101 dice:

hace 3745 días
this is getting good.

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