Selena-My-Gomez dice:

hace 3178 días
ur cats are sooo adorable

cristynuk dice:

hace 3387 días
ow, so sweet:) beautiful:)
congrats for winning the challenge:)

salamandre39 dice:

hace 3394 días
5***** merveilleux.

Baroquean dice:

hace 3417 días
I`m sorry for the lost. *hugs* You have made a wonderful tribute to him. Truly not forgotten. ♥

Cassee48 dice:

hace 3420 días
This is a marvelous tribute to Polee! Such a Beautiful Baby she was!! Such lovily pics these are of her-you are so lucky to have them and to have had her in your life!! Terrific bling work!!

VictorFan dice:

hace 3425 días
Wonderful Blingee! :-) 

ashleyd134 dice:

hace 3425 días
By the way, I love tuxedo cats :))) They are my favorite type of cat, my sister is a HUGE cat lover, her favorite type of cat is an all black cat like "halloween cat" :)))

ashleyd134 dice:

hace 3425 días
Beautiful 5/5 I had a cat just like that and he died too.. He was my favorite cat!!! I miss him.. :( I seen your cat, it brought back memories of my cat named Josh.. I think a dog got a hold of him.. :( Good work on this 5/5
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